Water Games

We offer consulting and turnkey solutions for different water adventure sports throughout India. We adhere to the client needs and provide the best of services required with safety measures and providing quality equipment for utmost thrill and excitement during the sport.

Water walking

Water walking ball is our most appreciated service. Walking on water requires lots of energy and enthusiasm. A 6 feet large inflatable zorb ball is used to walk on water. We offer good quality zorb ball and trained adventure activists to conduct the water walking experience activity.

Water roller

Water roller sport is fun and adventurous. The roller ball has attractive design with optimum finish and is very durable. We provide water roller t fare price with great quality. Freakout consulting focuses on promoting outdoor adventure sports amongst the youth and corporate dwellers by providing the best of services and equipment.

Water zorbing

Water zorbing is quite similar to water walking and water roller. We at freakouts, provide turnkey solutions for water zorbing setup which involves providing all the right equipment along with proper expertise installation. We provide 2 kinds of water zorbing solutions

  1. Hydro zorbing: where water is added to the zorb ball to make the water walk more adventurous and thrilling.
  2. Harness zorbing: it allows the rider to be harnessed either at shoulder or feet or hips to make the experience fun and exciting.

We caution safety measures for water zorbing riders and strictly prohibit people suffering from hearth conditions, high blood pressure, pregnancy or neck and back injury to take up the sport.