September 7, 2017


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High Rope Course Installations

Ropes challenge courses can be seen as the ultimate group or team challenge. Ropes courses are a combination of both vertical challenges and horizontal challenges, constructed from wood, cable and ropes installed above the ground and strung between trees, wood poles or steel framework. Ropes courses can be built both indoors and outside.

Low Rope Course Installations

Group initiatives, also called teams courses or low ropes courses, are problems or obstacles that challenge groups both mentally and physically. These challenges require teamwork to be completed successfully. All participants must work together to accomplish the tasks and they act as safety systems for one
another. These activities allow the trainer or facilitator to work right with the group, helping them deal with teamwork objectives, and preparing them for bigger challenges, such as a rope course or the challenges found in the everyday world.

Adventure Park Constructions

A set of elements mostly set up horizontally one after the other to form a cohesive track for participants to complete. Several tracks can be built at once and are usually differentiated (preferably using colors or numbers) by difficulty. After training with an instructor, participants set out on their chosen track. Every tree (or column) has wooden platforms on which individual climbers can either pass others up or rest and gather their strength for the next section.
We design, construct and maintain Adventure parks / Aerial trekking courses.

Zipline Installations

A zip-line consists of a pulley suspended on a cable mounted on an incline. It is designed to enable a user propelled by gravity to traverse from the top to the bottom of the inclined cable, usually made of stainless steel, by holding on or attaching to the freely moving pulley.

Climbing Wall Construction

We design and manufacture custom made and natural looking climbing walls as well as indoor-outdoor installed modular climbing towers.

Adventure Themed Birthday Parties / Events

We plan and install Adventure Activities for Parties/Resorts with lots of outdoor games.

Some of the Activities are Trampoline, zorbing, walk on water etc.

Planning to setup an off-road adventure park at your property ? Or looking to buy/hire ATV’s ?

we construct
Ziplines & Flylines

With us you will have over 10 years of construction experience, creative problem solving skills, and knowledge of the tourism industry.
We can design, devise and deliver a first class zip-line attraction for a select few clients.

Contact us to set up a zip line consulting arrangement.