February 7, 2018

Bubble Football


Bubble Football for Sale

The crazy soccer game which was just a mere watch for Indians is finally here! Why to just play soccer when you can have fun moments of excitement with it. Bubble football is all about smashing into each other, bouncing and rolling in a bubble sack without getting injured and still enjoy getting the first goal! Soccer cannot be more fun than this.




Freakouts consulting offers packages to hire, supervise and manage bubble soccer match for kid’s birthday parties, company events, sports and social meets, stag group activities, charity events, school tours and a lot more.  Let’s go bubble mad at your favorite soccer game! The game is a complete craze be it for indoors, outdoors or residential courtyards. The game is more fun to watch where the players chase the soccer ball and hilariously keep bouncing in the bubble of enthusiasm. Now roll a bounce at football with Freakouts consulting.